CyberBrainBeadyEye.Ninja designs, implements and supports comprehensive monitoring and management solutions for small to medium organisations, enabling end to end visibility into their technology environments.

All organisations are faced with the challenge of managing infrastructure operations. It is a challenge (and in many cases unfair) to expect in-house IT technical staff to establish the comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities required to extract maximum value out an organisation’s IT investments.

BeadyEye.Ninja‘s goal is to provide the specialised skills focused on Monitoring and Service Management, so that our clients’ in-house technical staff can focus on the delivery of technology to their organisations. Combining our consultative approach with our focus and extensive experience in this area ensures that our clients receive optimal, cost-effective solutions which most would not be able to realise on their own.

BeadyEye.Ninja comprises individuals with extensive Operations, Monitoring, ITSM and Project Management experience.  This allows for a very cost-effective delivery of the technical and process-related aspects of this type of project, shorter time to value and (in most cases) a better end-result than a part-time in-house approach.